We will begin with:

Funding Strategy: it is a written plan that determines the financial requirements of an organization or group for a length of time.

Outline of Funding Strategy:

  • Project Overview
  • Action needed
  • Top Grants to pursue
  • Schedule
  • Conclusion

Common Grant Questions:

  1. Are you rewarded any grant application that you submit? No, grants are given to a certain number of applicants during that specific grant cycle.
  2. Can you receive a percentage from a rewarded grant rather than an upfront cost? No, it is unethical and against most foundation rules.
  3. How long does it take to complete a grant application? It depends on when their deadline is and if the proposing organization has submitted all of the required documentation.

Standard Grant Application checklist

  • Organization’s mission statement
  • Overview of the organization
  • List of Board of directors and key staff
  • Background of the board of directors and key staff
  • Project budget
  • Set a deadline
  • Narrative
  • Meeting for narratives (divide narratives among each program that benefits from the grant application.)

Before services are performed the organization or person who entrusted Donna Pearson and Co. with the dealings of completing a funding strategy, grant proposal, and various meetings will be provided an itemized invoice before work will be performed unless other arrangements have been made in writing. Donna Pearson and Co is not a commission-based company.

*Disclaimer: Donna Pearson is not responsible for filing the proper documentation for your organization, i.e., tax status, business structure, etc. All grants are NOT guaranteed to be rewarded. Grants can take more than 3 months to be rewarded to the grantee. All fees will be paid before the application is submitted on behalf of the organization.