Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls



1 C. Fed Sourdough Starter

4 C. AP Flour + ½ c. for dusting

1 Egg

1 C. Warm Milk

4 Tbsp Melted Butter “salted”

⅓-½ c of Granulated Sugar ( sweetness level is up to you)

1 Tsp of Vanilla

*if you are using unsalted butter add 1 tsp of salt to your mixture

Cinnamon Mixture

1 stick of Melted Butter

½ c. light or dark brown Sugar

1 Tbsp of Cinnamon


1 C. Powdered Sugar

5-8 Tbsp Milk

1 Tsp Lemon Juice (optional)

1 Tsp Vanilla



  1. In two mixing bowls you need to combine your wet ingredients mixing them thoroughly.

  2. Then you’re going to combine your dry ingredient sifting to ensure there are no clumps.

  3. Once your ingredients are combined, then you need to mix the wet and the dry to create your cinnamon roll dough. Your dough may become sticky which is totally normal.

  4. You need to let the dough proof for 1 to 2 hours to rise. Once your dough has risen, roll out your dough into a large rectangle. Make sure to dust your surface, rolling pin, and dough to prevent sticking.

*Your rising time is dependant up the warm of your home. If you are unsure about keeping a consistent temperature you can put your dough in the oven with the light on, but the oven must be off.

Cinnamon Mixture

Combine your cinnamon ingredients in a measuring cup for easy pouring.


Combine your icing mixture, but slowly add your milk to make sure that you get the consistency that you want from your icing.


Preheat your oven to 375 *F

  1. Once your dough is rolled out then you need to add your cinnamon mixture using a spoon or a rubber spatula. Leave a bout ½ Inch boarder to ensure your mixture doesn’t spill out when rolling the dough.

  2. Roll the dough gently to make a long log shape. Once you do that you need to cut the rolls which should make about 12 large rolls. Don’t worried about the size because you will let the rolls proof.

  3. Once your rolls have proofed you will add them to your desired making dish. Make sure that your grease your dish to prevent sticking. Now it is time to proof the rolls for 30 minutes to an hour. Lightly brush your rolls with some milk or an egg wash( I used milk because eggs are scarced due to the pandemic).

  4. Now that they are done proofing. Bake them in your oven for 18-25 mins until golden brown.

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